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Amateur GF Sluts

• 2010-Jan-2 - Tattooed plump GF gets her ass humped nice and deep

An unusual scene, to be watching chubby ladies getting humped like they’re the most naughtiest and sexiest sex kittens alive. And though it is what has for you now, it won’t fail your horny senses a tad bit. Just watch this video and look at how this plus size horny bitch takes the fucking from behind. She even has these tats on her upper back, which only proves that she’d do anything to show her wild and nasty nature. She constantly moans and groans as her hubby humps her cunt through a series of deep hard thrusts.

The horny dude makes sure that his slutty partner gets the entire stuffing in every move he makes and he finds it a lot more exciting, doing his nasty little grinds. Watch his cock go all the way inside the butt crack and imagine how it’s like to be the one doing the banging to this really wild bitch. Hearing those moans make me giddy that my boner’s protesting that I loosen my grip on it a bit coz it tends to suffocate sometimes when I’m fuckin’ horny! Videos like this one never fails in giving me all the hormonal charge I need to keep my blood flowing. Click here now and watch the full hot show.

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Playful young hoe does slutty games

This is a set of interestingly wild photos of a young sleazy teen who loves to play nasty games with her boyfriend. And these games are not the typical ones, which supposedly innocent young ladies, play at a tender age. Watch My GF is not about boring make-believes or tea parties because we only give you the nastiest hormone-driven species who were born to keep those sexual juices running. The collection we have for you in this new edition will make you recall your very own teeny sexcapades when you were still a freshly (and quite literally) fucked up sex machine.

Maybe this playful young hoe has been seeing a huge amount of her daddy’s dirty collections or her own boyfriend’s, which turned her into this slightly experienced fucking tease. It’s not an everyday occurrence when we get to feast on fresh sluts like this who knows how to dress herself up in temptingly sweet chocolate syrup and garnish her juicy nipples with whipped cream. Though she looks like a friggin’ nerd when she opens her metal mouth like that, I can’t help but imagine how it feels like to have her eat my dick up. I squirm in pleasure if my boner gets to rub on tongue rings but teeth braces? Well, I bet that’s a very different story. I might try that one soon since now that I found out that not all geeky-lookin’ teens aren’t as sexually challenged as I thought them to be. Look here to enjoy the rest of the photos. is always loaded with surprises that will make you go back for more.

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Wild cock-sucking Gemma

Gemma and her hubby spends a hot time in their bedroom getting all naughty, playing with each other. would like you to watch this hot video of this adventurous girlfriend who finds pleasure in sucking her boyfriend’s cock in all ways possible. In this video though, she shows us how she eats up a schlong while lying down on the bed with her BF on top of her entire body, swinging away his stiff cock on his slutty girl’s mouth.

I will try this one time with someone as horny. I’d like to see a bitch take in my cock like this, without even holding it in her hands. I bet it feels like fucking a whirlwind, which twists and turns my dick, squeezing my jizz with its invisible yet very powerful force. Look at Gemma here, she just makes her filthy mouth do all the work to give her lucky boyfriend such pleasure, she’s even served his balls to get licked and sucked too. Damn, I’d love to fuck this bitch’s mouth too ’til she gags. I’d like to feel her throat on my throbbing boner and explode on her face afterward. To get more of this hot stuff, Watch My GF is the only place to visit.

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Curvy chick shows off her tits and pussy got this new set of photos for you to drool on. A lovely brunette teen who loves to display her pink wet cunt and her huge perky titties. This is how she spends quality time with herself and her delicious goods. Those breasts are so fine and yummy that you’d want to stick your dick between them and let her suck you dry ’til you explode on her pretty face. She looks like one hell of an adventurous slutty bitch from the way her room looks - I mean, c’mon, her stuff are just in every inch and corner of her room so most probably she doesn’t mind getting all naughty and dirty and just leaving everything as unruly as they’ve been before.

Her room confuses me a bit though. See all those toys around? Maybe she’s inside her little sib’s room so she won’t get caught in such a nasty habit. Or maybe she loves to play roles when she’s getting kinky. Hmmm… sounds fun, eh? As you all know, Watch My GF gives you the entire collections of the teasers we place on these posts and all you got to do is click here to view how horny this chick is - playing with her wet pussy and displaying her huge tits. And, as always, we assure you that you will enjoy your every visit!

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Wild Angelica rubs her shaven pussy until she climaxes

Something we can exclaim Watch My GF to, this is one wild video of a young teenage chick named Angelica. She’s got her young twat shaved to make it look a lot more yummy and with a pussy like that, I bet that all of you naughty pervs have hard-ons the size of a baseball bat now. I’m not exaggerating, this nasty girl here is just too hot and her moans and squirms make me feel like exploding in less than the usually “lengthy” hours of beating my own meat. It’s a bit embarrassing, you know, to be goin’ off too fast but slutty young bitches like this one exempts me from those 20-second losers. I don’t fuckin’ mind bursting my seeds fast, at least I got a very valid reason right here, and it’s staring at my face. But, ok, am still making it clear that I don’t cum fast all the time. Maybe you need to get your dick checked if you didn’t feel hot and horny the moment wild Angelica here starts moaning with pleasure. Damn. Just to see her twist and turn her buttocks like that while she rubs hard on her delicious pussy makes me so hard that I don’t even have to hold my cock to jack off. It’s like it already has a mind of its own that it’ll stay stiff and would squirt jizz all over the place without my knowing. Now see Angelica in this full video and hear her moan in delight. You’ll love even more because of this. Enjoy!

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Stunning redheads show off their breasts and pussies

Another hot edition for today all you horny dick-inflicted pervs. This set of photos from two kinky redheads will make you hard as a rock in no time. But of course we only have the bits posted here, and you got to check the entire lot through this link to see what I’m talking about.

These two gorgeous babes are just too hot, posing like that, spreading their legs to reveal a delicious semi-bald pussy and their tits are so perky, it can hold a slob of whipped cream like peaks of snowcapped mountains. Their pretty looks go very well with how slutty they are. Their expressions fit perfectly with the provocative poses - one squeezing her tits and spreading her legs to show off her twat - it makes my dick so hard that am actually struggling to hold it in one hand now. Damn. If all the bitches are like this, I swear you won’t be reading any blog posts from me coz I’d always end up wanking and beating my juice off. Don’t you just agree with how much of a tease these two are? Watch My GF will show you more of their yummy photos here!

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Wild wild deepthroat from a pretty chick

One of the videos that I included in my favorites list. Watch My GF is so proud of this young kinky teen who sucks cock like some hardcore pro. I know at some point she’s about to gag and puke but she held on pretty good. it’s much better if these type of babes could hold on for a few minutes, you know, to make the ecstasy last longer. This makes me spurt loads and loads of jizz even more. I can watch this over and over and not get tired of it. Turn it to full speed or slow it down a bit, either way will give me the exact same pleasure. Besides, there’s nothing really different when you put your video player in fast forward or rewind while a slutty mouth’s being fucked in and out by a huge dick. Looks pretty much the same to me except that you’d see how this young bitch eat the entire meat up, losing its visibility along the way! Wow.

You can only guess how long the cock is when it reaches this girl’s throat. Don’t you wish all the girls are like this? Provided that you do have a giant dick to feed them with. And I got no problem in that department so I guess I’d be asking this pro to suck me dry one day. Don’t just look at these stills, go on and click on them to view the whole video. Visit to witness a whole lot more of these cock-stiffening episodes.

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Hot poses from a very horny GF

It’s not everyday that we get to see sleazy girlfriends like the one we have for you today. Maybe there are a lot of these, you know, those kinky ones. But I’m telling you now, the set of photos you are about to view is something you don’t get to find elsewhere. Yes, of course, I’m bragging that it’s just here in that you can get loads of the nastiest and hottest chicks. Just look at these provocative poses, well at least these 2 down here, naughty chicks don’t always do those, right? What’s with the sucking of a carved wooden icon on a fucking wall? If you don’t find that hot (ok, may be a little creepy, but still it’s hot) then I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with your horny meter. Maybe your dick needs some serious beating up just to see if it could perform still.

Since you’re here and enjoying these immensely, I bet you won’t have a problem wanking off. Imagine yourself in this guy’s position and try to feel the warm and moist mouth of this horny lady. Hmmm… right. These are just some of the photos and you got to view the entire album here. Watch My GF will never fail you and your perverted minds.

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Big-tittied chick naked in her room

You missed us big time and we know it. Watch My GF is back with a large surprise for you all. Quite literal because we got this hot chick who has big tits to show you. She’s got an amazing body and is simply just a fucking tease. This video she made herself inside her cozy bedroom, which I’m sure is a quiet witness to every naughty deed that she’s been doing. Oohh… isn’t that a very nice occupation? To always watch someone this sexy and horny doing all these nerve-tingling, sense-smacking kinkiness - without her protesting you to stop. She’s actually too comfortable showing us everything so I guess it’s never going to be a problem being the 4 corners of her room and drool over her entire show that I, without a doubt, know that she does a lot more often.

Here in, we give our avid supporters the entire collection of photos and, in this case, the full show through videos made by these generous and horny people. So, for your sanity’s sake and everyone else’s out there who’s now tending to a swollen throbbing boner, we strongly encourage you to click this link to enjoy what you rightfully deserve. Yes, even perverted people like yourself (ok, US) deserve something this special. So go ahead and enjoy this hot naughty chick do her thing.

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Hot sexy blonde posing naked

Just when thought that blondes don’t know what they do most of their waking hours, here comes a hot one who knows exactly how to tease our horny senses. She’s got this set of photos, which clearly shows how much she’s willing to prove us wrong. Well, never occurred to me that this type of species can do so much better without their clothes on. Uhmm… ok, so that’s not entirely true. I have fantasized about them a lot of times and even fucked a few some days back. And this kinky one made me remember what it’s like to be banging someone who’ll just lie there and scream ’til she gets her cunt drained of all the heavenly juices that we so love to lick off clean.

I particularly like looking at this blondie’s tits. Her nipples are so perky and her breasts look like they’re begging me to squeeze them. That’s not all I wanna do though. The horny animal in me is up for everything wild and I don’t think you’d want to know what I want to do with this chick, and I mean every single thing that I will do. Because it’s either you’d wish I am in bed with you now, or you’d leave your fuck buddies behind and search for me ASAP. Anyway, of course I love licking shaven pussies and this one’s just about right for my taste. I know you’re drooling over these and there’s a lot to see. Watch My GF got the entire photo collection so just click on its link and enjoy!

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Slutty bitch displays her bushy twat

These steamy photos appear to be some kinda classic, in my opinion. The way this kinky chick dresses herself is like she’s from a musical/stage play - except that she opts to appear like a sexy animal rather than some typical bitchy whore who’d just strip naked and have herself banged without doing anything else (you know, just lie there and sleep after she cums). Watch My GF don’t want those kind of chicks coz, I for one, don’t want to be fucking a dummy, which has a permanently open mouth, I might add. This hottie fits perfectly here in our little fuck shack since she’s got a flair for flaunting her sexy naked body and she loves to show off her hairy pussy too. I know not everyone’s fond of a bushy twat but if the bushy twat belongs to someone as hot and kinky, I can definitely make exemptions.

These are just some of the hot photos of this sex kitten. These are just like some teasers that would make you want to visit Just click on the link to view the whole lot and see how it’ll make your dicks perform - knowing how hot this chick is, I bet you’d have a wild time taming that boner. We got a lot more of these and they want your attention. So better visit them now while they’re hot and ready.

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• 2010-Jan-2 - Slim girlfriend spreads her legs to display her pussy

We know that all pussies, more or less, look alike. But some babes find theirs a little special (I think) that’s why they spend some extra time with their precious twats and even get them on cam like this girlfriend that we have for you today. Watch My GF simply adores this kind of exhibition and we’re more than glad to share it to all of you. These photos make me so fucking naughty and I actually keep on zooming in the viewer just so I can imagine myself licking the wetness of this warm and moist cunt. is always full of surprises and I bet you didn’t see this one coming. I mean, as you all know, we have all kinds of girls in this hot site, which includes the types who love to suck dicks, who loves cum on their faces and bodies, those who like to dive in orgies and get their asses fucked by three or more big dongs, and a whole lot more. But, of course, we have bits of surprises that will make you as horny as the ones I just mentioned - and, yeah, a sample would be this chick who gets pleasure by displaying her shaven pussy.

She’s got a lot more of photos here and all you got to do is click! I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy all these as much as I have - and still do. You’d most probably find yourself imagining that you’re under those legs, and eating up the meat in between. Damn how I like to bang this bitch right now!

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